O’Brien Lindbo and O’Keeffe Return from AAJ National Conference in Baltimore

Tatum O’Brien Lindbo and Tim O’Keeffe attended the 2014 American Association for Justice Convention at the end of July in Baltimore, MD. Bringing together leaders in the legal field, the convention provides discussion opportunities and expertise to increase knowledge about representing clients.KNO AAJ conference image

Conference Highlights

The four-day conference features a variety of sessions and speakers. With the days packed with informative and engaging speakers and training sessions, it was difficult to pick certain instances to stand out over the others.

A few of the favorite speakers included key note speaker, First Sgt. Matt Eversmann, Hero of Black Hawk Down and The Battle of Mogadishu and Howard Nations who presented and spoke at the awards ceremony where he received the lifetime achievement award.

Involvement with the American Association for Justice

Along with attending the conference, both Tatum and Tim served on boards for the American Association for Justice. Tim is on the Counsel of Presidents and Tatum is on the Board of Governors.

“It is an honor to be selected to serve on the Board of Governors for AAJ, and I look forward to my term,” said Tatum of her position.

Being the governing body of the association, the Board of Governors ensures a fair and effective justice system and supports the work of attorneys.

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