Real estate transactions in North Dakota and Minnesota can be confusing and complicated. It is very important to work with a highly experienced real estate attorney when buying or selling real estate.

The real estate attorneys at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys have many years of experience, are well respected by their peers, lending institutions, real estate agents and professional organizations.

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Buying or Selling Residential or Commercial Property

In North Dakota and Minnesota there are myriad specific rules and regulations that must be followed in real estate transactions. Without the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney during your current transaction, there could be any number of problem-issues that surface in the future that could cause serious problems for you. Make the right decision and work with one of our real estate attorneys today to assure a no-problem future.

Title Review or Dispute Representation

It is important to have an experienced real estate attorney do a detailed title review and provide a written opinion. The history of a property can bring with it problems – small and large – if the title has not been properly examined and, if there are problems, corrected. If there is a potential issue with a property title, it is imperative that you have the assistance and help of an experienced, skilled real estate attorney. Our real estate attorneys have the knowledge and experience in clearing property titles which will provide you with confidence and security. Call us for outstanding representation.

Contract Creation

Whether selling or buying real estate, it is advisable to work closely with a skilled, experienced real estate attorney to assure that the contract is correctly written, complete and specific. Our experience will prove invaluable in creating a proper, legal contract.

Contract Disputes

Understanding the details and legal intent of a real estate contract is something only a well versed, experienced real estate attorney can claim. If you find yourself in a contract dispute, make certain you work with an attorney who has had many years working in this specific area of the law. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate these serious issues.

Easements, Right Of Way, and Access Issues

Issues of property access can be highly problematic if not spelled out clearly in past title work or current contracts. Whether establishing specific guidelines when buying or selling a property now, or navigating the problems of issues discovered from the past, working with a well-versed, experienced real estate attorney is imperative. Trust the real estate team at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys.

Transfer of Title and Ownership

Whether part of a business property transaction or a family transfer, proper real estate legal help is very important. Making certain everything is properly documented is of key importance to assure there are no issues in the future. Working with experienced attorneys who have focused their practice area exclusively on real estate is a wise investment. Call us today for help if you are facing this issue.

Boundary Dispute Representation

If you’ve been notified that your neighbor believes you have encroached on their property, it’s time to call an experienced real estate attorney. If you feel your neighbor has encroached on your property, it’s time to call an experienced real estate attorney. In any case, trust our experienced real estate team to help you solve what could be a complicated issue.

Property Liens

A property lien is a legal claim on a tract of real estate granting the holder a specified amount of money upon the sale of the property. Liens are often used to ensure the eventual payment of a debt. If you believe someone is in debt to you and they own real estate property, consider consulting with an experienced real estate attorney at our firm.

Experienced North Dakota and Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate transactions are complicated and involving an experienced real estate attorney is highly recommended by most professionals involved in the field. Now may be the time to seek the guidance and expertise of a professional who is focused on the practice of real estate law. Our real estate team is well respected in the region and will represent you well.

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