Law Firm Operations Plan During COVID 19 Threat

At O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, we are committed to continue work on behalf of our clients even during these uncertain times. What we strive to do every day is whatever is in the best interest of our clients. At this time, in light of the threat of COVID 19, the commitment comes with an acute awareness to the needs of the community as well.

Our office has been locked down all week in order to limit contact with the public and our clients. Today we have made the decision to proceed with a remote work plan. In the interest of complying with the recommendations of the CDC, our law firm will not schedule any appointments or meetings in the office. Our attorneys and legal staff will be working primarily from their homes to continue pursuing the legal needs of our clients.

For the immediate future and until further notice, we will continue to remain open and working, although we will primarily be working remotely utilizing phone calls, email, online meetings, texts and limiting in person meetings. While we will have limited contact with our physical office, we will make appropriate arrangements for information exchange, signatures, court appearances, depositions and mediations. For example, we have the technology to conduct video conferencing and electronic signatures. We will keep operations as normal as possible while we all attend to the needs of our families as well.

There will certainly be unique legal needs that arise in our community over the next few weeks. We will not only ensure that all of our current client’s needs are satisfied, we will be taking on new clients and will do our best to answer questions for the public that result from this pandemic.

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