Monson Newest Attorney at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss

SMonsonHere at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, we are focused on bringing you success. In order to bring continued success, we are excited to announce the addition of our newest attorney, Sara Monson.  The energy and enthusiasm she brings to our office is a great fit for our team.

Sara will specialize in the litigation realm, and she will be handling personal injury and civil litigation cases, all while being the West Fargo city prosecutor. As a previous law clerk for O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, Sara and the team at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss knew they were a good match.

Here is a little background on our newest team member:

Q: How or when did you decide to become an attorney?

A: As far back as I can remember, I had told people that I wanted to be an attorney, but I didn’t really know what an attorney did until I had the opportunity to work as a runner for a law firm during college.  That experience solidified my job choice.

Q: What is your educational Background?

A:  I earned my bachelor’s degree in political science and criminal justice from NDSU and my J.D. from UND School of law.

Q: Why did you choose to join the O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss team?

A:  I previously worked as a law clerk at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss while I attended law school.  I was already familiar with the team and so it was a natural choice to join when I was presented the opportunity.

Q: What is your favorite area of law?

A: My favorite area of the law is debtor/creditor.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A:  There’s always something new every single day.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, shopping, and running.

Sara, like fellow O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss attorneys, Tracy Lyson and Tatum O’Brien Lindbo, is also a clerk for the 8 judges of the East Central Judicial district. For more information about our knowledgeable and hard-working team of attorneys, visit our website, and welcome to the team, Sara!