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O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss Attorneys Participate in American Association for Justice National Conference

American Association for Justice National ConferenceTim O’Keeffe and Tatum O’Brien Lindbo recently attended the American Association for Justice National Conference.

The Big Event

The convention was held July 20-23 in San Francisco. The event came complete with the tag line – Knowledge + Networking, a winning combination. The American Association for Justice, which was formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, wants attorneys to understand that there is strength in knowledge and power from networking when they stand together, united for justice.

A Few Highlights of the Event

One of the highlights of the events was keynote speaker, Gerry Spence. Spence is widely recognized as one of the greatest trial lawyers of all time. Due to his accomplishments, he was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and was a keynote speaker.

Tatum and Tim not only met Gerry Spence at the conference, but they also met Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. She spoke about the famous case, where George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of her son this July.

Sybrina Fulton and their attorneys, Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks were awarded the Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award. It is presented annually to attorneys and clients whose cases tell the story of American civil justice and help educate policy makers and the public about the importance of consumers’ rights.

What does this mean for O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss clients?

At the event, Tatum and Tim were given opportunities to gain valuable knowledge, tactics and trial skills to better represent the clients of O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss. They also had the opportunity to earn continuing legal education credits, which helps them become better attorneys.  In fact, there were almost 50 different continuing legal education programs at the event.

Topics discussed at the conference included:

Tim and Tatum look forward to sharing all they learned at the conference with their team to continue to provide the best service for our clients.

If you have any questions about any legal issues in the areas of business law, personal injury, family law, or criminal law – contact the knowledgeable, skilled attorneys at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss. We are always making ourselves better for our clients.