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Joel Feldman and Tim O’Keeffe Present on Distracted Driving to Fargo Teens

Tim O’Keeffe joined the Injury Board a little over a year ago. The Injury Board is an organization of attorneys from across the U.S.  One of the things the Injury Board does is help their members get involved in community involvement projects.

Tim met Joel Feldman at one of the first meetings he attended. He learned Joel had a very special mission. Joel’s 21-year old daughter was killed in a Distracted Driving accident in 2009. Joel has made it his mission to bring the message of the problems of Distracted Driving to every state in the U.S.  He’d never been to North Dakota. Tim O’Keeffe knew he wanted Joel to come to Fargo to make his presentation.

On Thursday, May 14th Joel Feldman came to Fargo. He spoke to several groups including the entire student body (grades 6-12) at Oak Grove Lutheran High School.  Tim O’Keeffe was with him for all his presentations.

His message was NOT strictly focused on students and texting. He made that clear. Distracted Drinking can be any number of things and his ½ hour presentation did an outstanding job of showcasing them.

At the end of the presentation students were welcomed to take a pink memory bracelet and they were all later given a Distracted Driving Promise document to take home to share with their parents and families.

All the local television stations were there and ran excellent stories on their news programs about Feldman’s presentation and message.

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