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When to Have Your Car Repaired After a North Dakota Crash

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It is common and understandable to want to regain a sense of normalcy in your life following a sudden and unexpected North Dakota car wreck. For some victims, moving forward is necessary because of duties and obligations that they must fulfill; for other injury victims, trying to move forward with their lives is more about feeling secure and in control. One easy way in which car wreck victims may attempt to “move forward” is by having their vehicles repaired.

Do Not Rush to Get Your Vehicle Repaired 

While it is understandable that one would want to have his or her vehicle repaired as quickly as possible, doing so may negatively impact a victim’s ability to recover full and fair compensation for his or her car wreck injuries. Before authorizing the repair shop to begin work, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has my car been photographed? It is always a good idea, if possible, to take photographs of the damage done to your vehicle before your vehicle is repaired or even moved from the scene of the accident. Take numerous close-up photographs as well as photographs of the entire vehicle to show the extent of damage done to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
  • Have my insurance company and the police had opportunities to look at the vehicle? Local law enforcement will usually view your vehicle as part of their on-scene investigation in order to determine who may be at fault in causing the accident. Likewise, your insurance company and, perhaps, the insurance company of the other driver(s) involved will want to see the vehicle in the first few days following the crash to determine the extent of the damage and the benefits to which you may be entitled.
  • Has my attorney determined it is okay to repair the car? If you have a North Dakota car wreck attorney representing you (and you should), make sure that your attorney is comfortable with you repairing your vehicle. If there is a question as to whether a vehicle or part defect contributed to your crash, your attorney may wish to have one or more experts examine your car before your car is put back in working order.

If you believe you need your vehicle repaired right away, talk with your North Dakota personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If your car cannot be immediately returned to you, your attorney may be able to help arrange other transportation alternatives for you so you can continue on with your personal and professional business.

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