What You Should Expect from a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Anyone facing criminal charges will want to hire the best criminal defense attorney he or she can afford. When criminal defense law firms advertise, they often promote themselves as “aggressive.” Of course, simply being aggressive is not necessarily the best quality for an attorney. Despite how criminal law is often portrayed in movies and on TV, a criminal defense attorney’s job is not to intimidate the jury or use personal attacks to discredit the prosecution. In fact, the most important qualities of a criminal defense attorney can vary a lot from one client to another. The best thing you can do is find the criminal defense attorney best equipped to handle your particular situation. If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, then Tatum O’Brien of O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys in Fargo might be just that attorney.

What Criminal Defense Attorneys Actually do

When Rewire interviewed two criminal defense attorneys about their work, they described the main difference between criminal defense attorneys and civil attorneys thus: Civil attorneys tend to provide ongoing legal representation to clients, such as businesses, in matters that require the expertise of attorneys, such as contracts. Criminal charges, however, are almost always a one-time thing. Thus, it is most important that the attorney you hire for a criminal defense case has experience working with cases similar to yours.

Yes, it is true that attorneys learn about all the different areas of the legal profession during law school. Still, you would not hire someone to represent you in a criminal case if he or she had only ever worked on estate planning or medical malpractice cases, for example.  Likewise, it is more important to think about whether the attorney is appropriate for your case, than simply whether the attorney is “good.”  Online reviews tend to show you only the best and worst responses from former clients, and it is impossible to tell if the writers of the reviews are being honest.

Do Not Expect Miracles

In contrast to other types of law, criminal defense law is about convincing the jury that there is reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant committed the crime with which he or she was charged. There is no attorney who can reliably make it so that someone who is clearly guilty of a serious crime receives absolutely no punishment for it. Attorneys sometimes advise clients to plead guilty when the evidence pointing to their guilt is especially strong, as the penalties can be less severe. Still, the best attorneys do not pressure clients into pleading guilty or not guilty. They simply explain the consequences of each, honestly and in detail, and let the clients make the decision.

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