What You Need to Know About No Fault Insurance in North Dakota and Minnesota

North Dakota and Minnesota are both states that follow a “no-fault” insurance scheme. Understanding what “no-fault” insurance means in North Dakota is critical to understanding the steps you need to take following a car crash and from where you can seek compensation.

What Does “No-Fault” Insurance Mean?17102040447_90e764c595_k

“No fault” insurance simply means that in most car crashes, the insurance companies of each involved driver will be responsible for paying the medical bills and lost wages for their respective clients, regardless of which driver caused the accident. The theory behind the no-fault system was so that injured parties can get immediate payment for medical bills and some lost wages, rather than waiting a long time for the liability case against the at-fault driver to resolve.  North Dakota no-fault provides for up to $30,000 in coverage for medical and lost wages, combined. Minnesota provides for up to $40,000 in coverage for medical and lost wages, but it is split $20,000 for lost wages, and $20,000 for medical.  Some residents who have crashes that cross ND/MN state lines may have the ability to elect one coverage over the other, depending on residence and location of the crash.

Does “No-Fault” Insurance impact my ability to make a claim against the other driver?

No. In North Dakota, a claim for injuries may be brought when either the victim suffers more than $2,500 in medical expenses attributable to the crash, and/or the victim suffers “serious and permanent disfigurement or disability.” In Minnesota, the victim may make a claim against the at-fault driver for injuries that exceed $4,000 in medical expenses.

How Soon Should I Retain an Attorney to Evaluate My Case?

 Given the limited amount of time in which an injured motorist in North Dakota must file a claim for monetary damages, it is incumbent for these individuals to seek prompt legal assistance. Doing so ensures that a claim with the motorists’ insurance and/or a lawsuit against the at-fault driver is promptly filed and important evidence necessary to prevail in the lawsuit (if one is filed) is preserved.

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