What Parents of High School Athletes Should Know about TBIs

For some high school students, sports and athletics are their life. Each day they can be found practicing their shots, running plays and staying active. However, injuries from sports can cause major issues if not handled properly – especially in high-contact sports.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions, are common among athletes, but their effects are both lasting and impactful. Here are some things parents of high school athletes should know about TBIs.

The Zackery Lystedt Laws

After suffering a concussion in a high school football game, Zakery Lystedt re-entered the game. That day, Zakery collapsed and suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed his life forever.  His story is heart-breaking, but it could have been prevented if handled appropriately.

Zak’s Story



Teens affected more severely

Studies have shown teens face the effects of TBIs worse than adults or children. They often have longer lasting brain injuries, which can result in death. Additionally, they need more time to recover from these injuries.

TBIs can impact academic performance

Academic performance can be affected short-term or long-term, depending on the injury. TBIs can affect a person’s cognitive abilities of thinking, logic, and reasoning, causing slower response time, difficulty focusing, memory loss, and issues learning and retaining new material. Because of the effects on cognitive abilities, TBIs can also affect test scores in students.

TBIs can be prevented

One of the best ways to prevent TBIs is ensuring proper head protection while taking part in sports and other physical activities, including riding a bike or motorcycle, or playing sports such as football, baseball, hockey, skiing and snowboarding. Another way to lessen the effects of TBIs is to seek medical attention immediately if you believe you or your child has suffered a TBI. If Zak would have sought proper medical attention right away instead of re-entering the game, his story may have been very different.

If your child has suffered from a TBI due to faulty equipment, rough play, or other means, make sure you are receiving proper compensation for your medical treatments. Contact the lawyers at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss Attorneys for assistance from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers dedicated to helping you through this difficult time.  Contact our team today.