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What Living in Boom Town Means for Residents

The name speaks for itself. Boomtown is a phrase used to refer to a city or community that experiences sudden and rapid changes in population, infrastructure and economic growth. Living in a boom town can be both a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience with new opportunities and challenges opening up to residents.6453005617_b2f959219d_z

Western North Dakota – Williston in particular is now one of the most discussed boomtowns in the country. With such rapid change, life for the residents who live in the western part of the state has changed dramatically in a short period of time. And adjusting to these issues isn’t easy.

More Money

With economic growth comes the need for a large labor force. Due to the high demand, boom town communities have more jobs than they do people which reduces competition while increasing pay.

In Williston and the surrounding communities, it is not uncommon to land a job the same day of an interview. Fast food restaurants and supermarkets like McDonalds and Walmart often start pay at around $15 – $20 per hour.

Issues with Work Force

Due to the high volume of jobs available, boom towns often experience high labor turnover making it difficult for businesses to maintain a high quality workforce. This high turnover negatively impacts the quality of service and levels of productivity.

Lack of Infrastructure

Another big issues is the lack of infrastructure to support an explosive growth in population. This is the most noticeable in terms of road conditions and poor construction of buildings and city layouts.

The most difficult things that impact residents the most are the things that have an influence over their quality of life. Boomtowns are known to have very limited housing with very high cost inflations, limited health services to meet the needs of the entire population and deteriorating school systems, retailing and urban services.

Increase of Crimes

Another big effect on resident life is the overall safety of the community. The influx of people from all over create a population cramp that leaves the door open for higher volumes of crime and violence in the area.

With this often comes legal trouble. Employers find themselves dealing with unreliable employees who may create problems. Violence and other criminal offenses seem to skyrocket.

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