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Trucking Accidents Cause More Damage Than You’d Think in North Dakota

When you’re involved in a trucking accident, the effects often last much longer than a typical car accident. Colliding with a large commercial vehicle, such as a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, can cause extensive damage. The accident will not only cause damage to your property, but can also result in personal injury or cause damage to quality of life.


Property Damage

In a trucking accident, damage to your vehicle will occur, but what you may not have thought about is the property inside of your car as well. Colliding with a large truck or semi can cause damage to not only your vehicle but also your other belongings you have with you. If you are ever involved in this type of accident, it is important to review and document damage to your car, but also the other property within your vehicle.

Personal Injury

Alongside damage to your vehicle and property, injury to yourself or any other passengers is likely to happen.  Because of the truck’s large size, individuals inside your vehicle are in extreme danger of suffering a range of injuries.  It is also possible that other people near the accident such as pedestrians and cyclists will get hurt.   Some of the most common injuries suffered include head injuries, neck and spine injuries, internal injuries, and limb injuries. If you are in a trucking accident and suffer any type of personal injury, it is critical to receive proper and immediate care.

Damage to Quality of Life

Loss of quality of life is very common in trucking accidents, yet often forgotten about. It can affect both those who were involved in the accident and the loved ones of those involved. Loss of quality of life refers to your pain and suffering, inability to enjoy activities you did before your accident, inability to financially support yourself and the loss of companionship when a loved one dies.

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