Troops and Repossessions Leave Loved Ones in Difficult Situations

You took an oath to serve your country. You put your life on the line and served in places far from home. But what happens to your family back at home?

You trust your belongings and finances are safe back home because of the protections the government gives you as an active duty service member, yet somehow you come back to find your belongings have been repossessed and your loved ones are stuck in difficult situations. Where can you turn?


What’s Happened to Your Belongings?

A recent New York Times article discusses multiple instances of active duty service members returning from abroad to find their car or other belongings seized. Typically, service members are provided protections from repossessions and foreclosures by Congress. However, many of these protections are being taken away due to mandatory arbitration by the companies seizing the belongings.

While lawyers are helping these troubled service members and their families work toward the compensation they deserve, it can be a long and expensive process with little reward. According to the article, Captain Matthew Wolf attempted to get a refund from Nissan for the payments on a car he leased only a year before. When Nissan refused, he was told the fees for the case would be nearly 21 times what he was owed.

Legal Steps You can Take

If you find yourself in a similar situation of having your car or other personal items repossessed while you are serving in the military, it’s important to have someone to help guide you through the legal process. Consult an experienced attorney at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss Attorneys to make sure you are rightfully protected and compensated for your damages. Contact a lawyer today.

Image courtesy of The National Guard/flickr.