Things a Child Custody Lawyer Can Do (That You Probably Can’t)

A divorce is an extremely difficult time, and a divorce attorney is much better equipped to handle the many issues that can crop up, including child custody. Here are some things an experienced child custody attorney can do that you likely cannot:

Negotiate with the Other Side – Calmlyfamily

No matter how well you and your spouse are getting along and how well-developed your negotiation skills may be, complicated personal relationships make negotiating a child custody agreement yourself extremely difficult. A child custody attorney will be able to advocate for you in a levelheaded and calm manner, minus the emotional baggage.

Manage Paperwork and Deadlines

Meeting deadlines and filing the appropriate paperwork is of great importance in a child custody case. Working with an experienced child custody attorney will help ensure that all required documents are completed and filed in a correct and timely manner.

Speak for You in Court

Non-lawyers seldom know all the state laws regarding child custody that might affect their individual case, but an experienced family law attorney will. Enlisting a professional to speak for you will lessen the chance that your emotions will get the best of you and lead you to say something you will later regret.

Handle Complex Issues

Child custody disputes are often extremely complicated, particularly if parents live in different states or even countries. International or interstate custody issues involve multiple jurisdictions – a situation in which the involvement of an experienced family law attorney is essential.

Modify a Child Custody Agreement

Child custody is often established by parenting agreements in which both sides agree to the terms of custody. But what if the agreement needs to be modified due to a change in the circumstances for one of the parties? A child custody lawyer will be able to help change the agreement efficiently and keep you from violating your custody order.

Complex and often emotional child custody issues require the assistance of a qualified family law attorney. Contact the a family law attorney at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys online or call 701-235-8000 (toll-free 877-235-8000) today.