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Recovering Compensation After a Catastrophic Injury

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Just as many different types of unexpected crashes or other incidents can happen, many types of injuries can result. Injury victims can sustain anywhere from a bump or bruise to a fatal internal injury. If your injury required medical treatment, you should learn about your rights to possible compensation for your expenses and losses. These cases are not simple, however, and they can become significantly more complex when they involve catastrophic injuries.

What are Catastrophic Injuries?

In a legal claim, an injury is referred to as “catastrophic” when it damages the brain or spinal cord, or the injury permanently impairs the use of a body part or your physical abilities. Many different injuries can be considered catastrophic, including:

When someone sustains a catastrophic injury, they need immediate trauma care, and transportation via ambulance or medevac helicopter is generally necessary. At the emergency room, patients may undergo emergency surgery or other treatment to stabilize their condition and limit the damage as much as possible. Patients with catastrophic injuries may then spend weeks in the hospital, including the intensive care unit (ICU). What follows may include:

  • Multiple surgeries
  • Time in a burn center
  • Time in a rehabilitation facility
  • Medical equipment and accommodations to a home
  • Home health assistance
  • The inability to return to work
  • The inability to participate in regular activities
  • Permanent disabilities or disfigurement
  • Ongoing medical treatment for the rest of their lives

Victims of catastrophic injuries can also suffer severe physical and mental pain and suffering.

Seeking the Compensation You Need for Your Long-term Losses

Due to the need for extensive and ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, accommodations, and assistance, the losses from a catastrophic injury are devastating. It is critical to know how you can seek compensation for your losses from the party responsible for your injuries. There are many steps to this process, and any errors can result in compensation that is much less than you deserve.

Our catastrophic injury lawyers in Fargo can help with every step of the legal process, such as:

  • Calculating the full value of your lifetime losses
  • Determining the parties liable for your injuries
  • Handling insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits

It is often necessary to file a lawsuit when damages are this extensive. Our attorneys are skilled litigators who always fight for the full amount our clients deserve.

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