Premises Liability for Personal Injuries

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Young children see the world as a place to play, but their parents always have their eyes open for danger.  A child sees a fun park to play in, while a parent worries about fire ants lurking in ant hills and broken bones that could be suffered if the kids climb the trees. A kid sees a mini-golf course full of interesting contraptions around which to hit the ball, while a parent fears kids whacking each other with golf clubs if the adults avert their eyes for as much as a second. A kid sees a pit full of plastic balls at an indoor playground, and a parent sees a pit full of germs.

From the perspective of a personal injury attorney, property owners should adopt the same mindset as helicopter parents in that they have a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure that their property is not the site of an accident waiting to happen. If a visitor suffers a serious injury on someone else’s property, whether a residence or a place of business, and the injury was the result of the property owner allowing preventable dangerous conditions to persist on the property, the injured party could have a case for a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises Liability in North Dakota

If you describe the accident that caused your injury to a North Dakota personal injury attorney, the attorney will immediately start asking you questions about the place where the accident occurred.  Here are some examples of accidents for which the injured person might have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

  • A mail carrier gets injured when she slips and falls on the walkway leading to a homeowner’s mailbox during the North Dakota winter. The homeowner had a duty to remove snow and ice from the walkway, such as by shoveling the snow and salting the walkway.
  • A dog escapes from its owner’s yard through a break in the fence and bites a passing pedestrian. The homeowners had a duty to keep the fence in a good state of maintenance so that the dog could not escape. Likewise, the homeowners should not have left the dog unsupervised, knowing that the fence was broken and the dog could get out.
  • A guest attending an evening wedding at a country club goes for a walk on the country club’s hilly golf course, and she trips and falls and gets injured. The country club should have kept its golf course well-lit at night, or else prohibited guests from walking there after dark.
  • A curtain rod in a hotel room falls and injures a guest. 

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