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Possible Penalties for Fraud Crimes

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Fraud crimes are offenses that involve using false information or other deception to wrongfully obtain money or property that belongs to someone else. Under North Dakota law, fraud is charged under the umbrella of theft, though the authorities often take fraud crimes more seriously than shoplifting or other physical acts of theft. There are many types of fraud, including:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card or bank fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Investment fraud

The charges and penalties for fraud crimes are based on the value of the money or property in question, as well as the scope of the fraud scheme. In many cases, fraud offenses are part of a greater conspiracy, which can complicate your case and result in additional charges. The following are examples of possible penalties for fraud crime convictions in Fargo. 

Less than $500

This is generally a Class A misdemeanor charge, which can mean fines up to $3,000 and up to one year in jail. Theft under $500 that does not involve a threat or a special relationship is a Class B misdemeanor.

$500 to $10,000

This is a Class C felony charge, and the potential penalties include $10,000 in fines and/or up to five years in state prison.


This is a Class B felony charge, and the penalties for a conviction might include a $20,000 fine and up to ten years in state prison. 

Over $50,000

This is a Class A felony charge, and the penalties for a conviction might include a $20,000 fine and up to twenty years in state prison. 

Many complex fraud schemes defraud people or companies out of thousands of dollars, so there is a good chance that fraud charges will be serious felony offenses. 

Other Possible Consequences

While costly fines and jail time are concerning enough, fraud convictions can have other lasting consequences that impact many aspects of your life. Including:

  • You might be disqualified from your job if you handle money or are in a position of trust
  • You will likely lose a professional license
  • Employers might decline to hire you because of a criminal record
  • You might be ineligible for certain federal or state benefits
  • The consequences of any subsequent fraud or theft convictions can be enhanced

A fraud/theft conviction can haunt you for years to come, so you want to present an aggressive defense with the help of a lawyer you can trust.

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