A serious injury or a catastrophic injury can take place almost anywhere and when you least expect it. Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and bicycle accidents can all lead to serious injury. The damages caused by catastrophic injury can have a dire and disastrous effect on a person’s life. In severe cases, this type of personal injury may lead to wrongful death.

After an accident, a victim of may become incapacitated, thus unable to work due to the damage caused. Furthermore, such injuries may result in a lifetime of medical treatment or disability that may result in years of lost income. Serious injury may also result in a victim’s need for continuous life-care support that is costly and painful. The emotional and financial hardship that may result from severe injury can cause drastic changes in the lives of victims of catastrophic injury.

Types of Serious Injury

A serious injury attorney at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys will help those who have suffered damages such as brain damage, burns, fractures, and amputations as a result of:

Auto accidents and crashes
Motorcycle accidents
Medical malpractice and negligence
Slip and falls
Defective products
• Premises liability
Boating Accidents

The Role of a Serious Injury Lawyer

Prosecuting cases of serious injury can be extremely costly, as these cases often require the knowledge and testimony of medical experts and professionals. At O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys, we understand the complexities that arise from serious injury cases. We have fought to defend numerous victims of catastrophic injury and therefore, possess a high level of expertise in this area. Although we understand that it is necessary to provide an aggressive and strong case, a serious injury lawyer knows the importance of providing emotional and caring support to all of our clients during this difficult time. If you have endured damages because of a catastrophic injury, contact or for a no-cost conversation with one of our skilled serious injury legal team at (701) 235-8000.

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