Make an Appointment for Our First Conversation

Contact attorney Brandon Erickson by email or by phone 701-235-8000/toll-free 877-235-8002. He will set up the first meeting time and briefly discuss what he would like you to bring and what the conversation will include.


Let’s Gather Some Information

Below you will find a link to our initial Estate Information Form. Please download it and fill it out as completely as possible. Make a list of any questions too. This will help us better understand your unique family situation at our first meeting. Of course, we will gladly mail you the form by contacting Brandon Erickson by email or by calling 701-235-8000/toll-free 877-235-8002.

Estate Information Forms – click below to download. They are fillable PDFs, so simply fill in the appropriate places, save and print.




The First Meeting with Brandon

At this first meeting with Brandon, you will learn the various benefits of a correctly developed Estate Plan. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your concerns and objectives, along with the many questions you likely have. Everything will be held in strictest confidence throughout this important process, rest assured. Following this meeting, Brandon will discuss a proposed action plan and provide you with an estimate of cost for preparation of your Estate Plan.


Review Drafts of Your Estate Plan

Once you’ve committed to moving forward, the next steps will be focused on development of your unique plan, followed by your review of document drafts and open discussions with you and your attorney. There will likely be a couple of meetings and/or calls. We all want this to be a plan that reflects your intentions. Each plan we draft is custom tailored to the clients’ needs.


Finalize Your Estate Plan

Upon completion of changes in the documents, it’s time to make this official! We’ll meet for you to sign your Estate Plan documents. Brandon will go through each section of your unique Estate Plan, explaining the details. You’ll sign documents in front of Brandon and two independent witnesses and a Notary Public. Upon your signatures, the Estate Planning team will finalize the necessary steps to establish your Estate Plan. In addition, they will soon provide you with a digital copy of the plan, along with the original documents for your safekeeping.