Man Using Snow Blower Killed by Skidding Vehicle

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A man in northern Michigan who was using a snowblower was recently struck and killed by a vehicle that slid across the man’s road. The accident occurred outside of Kingsley. The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office reports that the driver was traveling westbound when she lost control of her vehicle, which resulted in the collision. The man with the snowblower was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while the motor vehicle operator was not injured in the event. The exact reason why the woman lost control of her vehicle remains under investigation.

For people who live in areas like Michigan (including North Dakota and Minnesota) that are hit hard by the winter weather, snow blowers can be particularly useful tools. This equipment, however, can cause serious injuries and even fatalities when they are not used correctly. While there are numerous ways in which snowblower accidents occur, it is often possible to obtain compensation for injuries if a person can demonstrate that a snow blower failed to operate in the proper manner. In these situations, a personal injury accident attorney can prove to be particularly helpful. 

Common Ways in Which Snowblower Accidents Occur

There are frequently safety guards that are placed on snow blowers to prevent debris from striking users. Unfortunately, safety mechanisms do not always work properly, leading to a large number of accidents and fatalities. Some of the most common ways in which snowblower accidents occur include the following:

  • Body parts becoming entangled in the machinery while on a hill or slippery surface, resulting in disfigurement or lacerations.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning in which a worker dies from toxic emissions while operating the snowblower in a confined space.
  • Finger amputations due to malfunctions when users attempt to clear obstructions from the machinery. Workers should never place their hands inside a snowblower as they can become caught between moving parts.
  • Irresponsible use of the snowblower which can occur when workers operate the equipment in a reckless manner or ignore another person’s presence while operating the machinery. 

How You Can Prove a Cause of Action

There are two general causes of action that you can potentially prove in a court of law in order to receive compensation in a snowblower accident:

  • The snowblower was unreasonably dangerous at the time that it left the manufacturer. This unreasonably dangerous element caused the injuries.
  • The snowblower operator owed you a duty of care, breached this duty, the operator caused your injuries, and you are entitled to damages. 

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a snowblower accident, it important to determine who is responsible for the equipment malfunction that resulted in your injuries. The parties that are responsible for the defective snowblower may be required by law to provide compensation to anyone who is injured while using the product in a safe and responsible manner. Do not hesitate to contact Tim O’Keeffe,  Tatum O’Brien or Sara Monson of O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys at 877-235-8002.