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Looking for Help with Your Real Estate Transaction? Trust a Veteran

Bob Stroup II portraitBob Stroup II is known for being one of the best real estate attorneys in the Midwest. His passion for real estate law has earned him multiple awards as well as a stellar reputation amongst his peers. Of course, there are other real estate attorneys who are good, but Stroup is at the top of nearly everyone’s list.


At O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, Bob Stroup focuses exclusively on real estate law. Stroup handles both personal and commercial real estate for his clients and firmly believes there should be a real estate attorney examining the title work in every real estate transaction between a buyer and seller. He understands that real estate purchases are the biggest investment of a buyer’s life, and a real estate attorney can make all of the difference. Bob’s legal guidance truly gives buyers the ultimate piece of mind knowing they are making a sound transaction.


Bob Stroup’s reputation precedes him. He has been named Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in the Fargo-Moorhead area many times, and his experience is paralleled by no other. One former client summed it up in one short comment, “he is simply the best at what he does in the area.”

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Bob

He’s an early riser: Stroup arrives at work around 5:30 a.m. every morning. He likes when the office is quiet because he enjoys focusing on all of the little details. Each of Stroup’s projects is taken on one at a time in order to ensure 100% accuracy. Bob knows his work holds a huge responsibility for his clients.

His path to law had a unique beginning: Before becoming an attorney, Bob wanted to become a teacher and coach. In response to this idea, his wife told him, “You’ll end up hitting some kid and getting sued.” With that one comment, Bob decided to become an attorney instead. As fate should have it, he turned out to be pretty great at real estate law.

If you are looking for assistance with any real estate transactions, consider contacting a true professional with years of experience. Learn more about Bob Stroup II today.