How to Prevent the Most Common Cause of Death in America

car accidentsDo you know the number one cause of death in America? Here’s a hint – it’s also one of the most preventable causes of death. Car accidents are the most common cause of death in Americans, especially those between the ages of four and 27 years old.

The good news? Being aware of the six factors that cause car accident fatalities can reduce the risk of car accidents.

Driving While Distracted

Not paying attention to the road is one of the most common causes of accidents. Distractions are defined as anything the driver may be doing other than paying attention to the road.

Some of the biggest distractions include playing with music, using a cell phone, attending to a passenger, or eating. Although not all of these activities are illegal, they can be incredibly dangerous.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is a huge issue in the United States. Roughly 1/3 of all accidents involve an impaired driver. Anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle should not be under the influence of any type of substance.

Never get into the car with someone who has been drinking and always call for a sober ride if you’re impaired.

Aggressive Drivers

Speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, violating traffic laws and acting like you own the road are all examples of aggressive driving. All traffic laws are put into action for a reason. It’s important to follow these laws for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Road Construction

You should always be on high alert while driving. This is especially true for travelling in construction zones. Changing speed limits, heavy traffic and large machinery make construction zones extremely dangerous for drivers and construction workers.

Pedestrian Traffic

Just because you’re not in the car doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for being injured in a traffic accident. Pedestrians are especially at risk in the dark, at busy intersections and urban areas. Watch for cars while travelling on foot and make sure to always watch out for pedestrians while driving.

Image courtesy of Tony Alter/Flickr