How to Handle Probation Violations

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When a court finds you guilty of criminal charges, it is often a relief to hear that your sentence includes only probation instead of jail time. People who have been sentenced to probation are often unpleasantly surprised, however, when they realize how many restrictions they must actually endure. Of course, you have a lot more freedom on probation than you do in jail, but it does change the pace of your life, and that is even if your probation only involves the standard conditions of probation. Courts can also add specific conditions to your case if they determine that these additional restrictions will make you less likely to re-offend.

An article in In Justice Today recounted a rather extreme example of specific probation conditions: The judge supervising the probation of Robert Rihmeek Williams, a rapper who performs under the stage name Meek Mill, imposed specific conditions that amount to seemingly endless micromanagement of Williams’ personal and professional endeavors. You do not have to be an expert in criminal law to see how easy it can be to run afoul of probation violations.

How Strict are the Conditions of Probation?

In North Dakota, the standard conditions of super-used probation are quite restrictive, even if the probation is for a relatively minor offense. Usually you must meet with the probation officer every month and notify him or her in detail about your work and family situations, as well as truthfully answering any other questions the officer might ask. The court can forbid you to visit certain people or places if it determines that these would make you more likely to re-offend. You may not leave the state without permission, and you must notify the court about any changes to your address or employment.  The court can require you to spend your income on certain things it considers obligations before other things that it considers discretionary spending.

What Happens if You Violate Your Probation?

When you are on probation, the court is always in your business; even a minor mistake can amount to a probation violation. Violating probation can lead to your probation being extended, and it can even lead to jail time. If you are in violation of the terms of your probation, or if you might be in violation of them, it is important to consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your right to representation by an attorney is as important when it comes to probation violations as it is in any other matter, as the court can revoke your previous sentence and resentence you up to the maximum jail time allowed for that charge.

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