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GPS Convenient, But Sometimes a Dangerous Distraction for Drivers

When it comes to navigating our way to new destinations, we’ve come a long way since folding out road maps and stopping to ask strangers for directions. Today, drivers across the globe are able to utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that comes equipped on their phones or in their cars to provide directions from one location to another, making it easier than ever for drivers to navigate through unfamiliar areas with ease.


But while GPS systems help make driving more convenient, they can also be a distraction to drivers by taking their focus off of the road. So how can you utilize such valuable technology to make your life easier, while also keeping yourself and other travelers safe at the same time?

Here are some important safety tips for using a GPS while driving:

  • Mount your device properly. If you decide to mount your phone or GPS device, be sure to position it out of driving sight lines so that it will not block your view of the roadway.
  • Program your GPS before you start driving. Before you set out on the road, go ahead and input the address to your destination in your GPS.
  • Enlist the help of a co-pilot.If there’s another passenger in the car with you, ask them to help you navigate.
  • Utilize voice directions.While driving, keep voice commands on your device turned ON, and ensure that it is working properly before you start to drive. Listening to voice commands instead of reading step-by-step instructions will help keep your eyes on the road and decrease your chances of being involved in an accident.

If you are using a GPS system while traveling, always use common sense. Be sure to pay attention to where you are going and try to become familiar with your route before you leave, rather than just relying on the GPS to take you there. Remember that your number one priority is getting to your destination safely, so use good judgment and arrive alive.

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Image courtesy of DariuszSankowski/pixabay.