Getting Ready for Trial

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If you and the other party in your North Dakota personal injury suit cannot settle your personal injury lawsuit, and the case is not disposed of through motions, the case will proceed to trial before a judge or jury. Even though it is rare for personal injury suits to reach the trial phase, a trial is often considered to be the culmination or apex of the case.

While attorneys play an important role in the trial process, personal injury victims also have a role to play. Therefore, just as it is important for your personal injury attorney to prepare for a trial, you as the personal injury victim should also prepare yourself for these important and determinative proceedings.

How to Prepare for Trial 

For personal injury victims, trial preparation is not as onerous or burdensome as one might first expect. In fact, just a few simple actions on your part can help ensure that you are as prepared as possible for what lies ahead:

  • Meet with Your Personal Injury Attorney: Your attorney will want to meet with you to explain what questions you can expect to be asked, what evidence or documents you will need to bring with you, and general courtroom decorum and procedures. This type of meeting can help alleviate much of the stress or worry you may have about the trial.
  • Review Your Past Statements: The opposing party’s attorney is able to ask you about any prior statements you have made regarding the incident, including verbal and written statements made to police, statements made in your deposition, and even comments made on social media. Reviewing these statements for discrepancies and contradictions and being prepared to discuss and explain these statements will be helpful.
  • Get Plenty of Rest and Eat Smart Before the Day of Your Trial: Finally, be sure that you get plenty of sleep and eat balanced meals before your trial. Being questioned for hours, or even having to pay attention for eight hours, can be quite exhausting. Taking good physical care of yourself is important.

Count on Your North Dakota Personal Injury Lawyer to Help You Through Trial 

Tatum O’Brien, Timothy O’Keeffe and Sara Monson of O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys are committed to helping provide their personal injury clients with the knowledge, tools, and representation necessary to be successful in their personal injury lawsuits. Trust that with O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys at your side, you will be well-prepared for the challenges of trial. Because O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys involves you at each and every step of the proceedings, the number of surprises or other unexpected occurrences that can delay or derail your chances at recovery are minimized. Learn how we can help you by contacting O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys online today, or calling 701-235-8000 or 877-235-8002.