North Dakota – Minnesota Conservatorship Attorney

Under North Dakota and Minnesota law, a conservatorship can be arranged when a person is physically, emotionally, or mentally unequipped to tend to themselves and their finances. Under a conservatorship, this person, known as a conservatee, is assigned a conservator to care for them and manage their finances. A conservator is typically a friend, a professional, or, in some cases, a family member.

A conservator (under a general or permanent conservatorship) is responsible for:

  • Arrangements for conservatee’s care and well-being
  • Determinations of the conservatee’s living arrangements
  • Management of food, clothing, transportation, housekeeping, etc.

There are other of types of conservatorship:

Conservator of Estate – designed specifically for the management of a conservatee’s income, finances, and property. Duties included inventory, financial planning, timely bill and tax payments, investments, benefit management, record keeping, and regular account reporting.

Limited Conservatorship – designed for adults with developmental disabilities who are unable to provide care for themselves, but do not require the tier of care provided under general conservatorships.

Temporary Conservatorship – designed for people who need temporary care immediately until a more permanent conservator can be established, or when a permanent conservator passes away or a judge has had them removed and a temporary conservator needs to fill in until a replacement is installed.

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