North Dakota Child Support Attorney

Child support is the continual and ongoing payment from one parent to the other following a divorce, intended for the maintenance of their children’s medical, educational, and day-to-day needs. In North Dakota family law, child support is typically considered in post-divorce arrangements, along with child custody, visitation rights, alimony, spousal support, and sometimes paternity.  Given that child support is so often intertwined with other sensitive and detail-oriented areas of family law, retention of an experienced Fargo family law attorney who can help you navigate and understand your options and rights is crucial to reaching a favorable outcome that meets the best interests of the children.

When custody of the child has been determined, the amount of the support will be approached considering a number of factors including:

  • Income of the parents
  • Age and number of children at home
  • Essential living expenses
  • Educational fees and requirements
  • Special needs considerations, including illnesses and disabilities

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