Evidence for Personal Injury Cases

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If you are old enough to have watched the O.J. Simpson trial on television in 1995, you probably remember the discussion about several pieces of evidence that influenced the jury’s decision, such as a glove found at the crime scene and DNA obtained from blood stains. While physical evidence is one of the main ways that courts arrive at their decisions, the evidence is not always as cinematic as the famous pieces of evidence from the Simpson murder case. In fact, it often takes the form of written documents that the court can reasonably believe are genuine.

Types of Documents You Might Use in Personal Injury Cases

Any document or other item that shows what injuries you sustained, what medical treatment you required, what financial setbacks you suffered, and what the defendant’s role was in failing to prevent your injuries can potentially be valuable evidence in your personal injury case. Here are some types of evidence that plaintiffs in personal injury cases sometimes use.

  • Medical records: These are some of the best ways to document injuries and treatments. If you are filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, medical records are especially important.
  • Insurance policy: It is easy to ignore the fine print on your insurance policy until you have to figure out what compensation you are owed after an accident.
  • Security camera footage: This is very important in premises liability lawsuits, such as when a plaintiff gets injured in a slip and fall accident in a store.
  • Police report: Police reports are one way of documenting the details of a traffic accident.
  • Photos from the scene of the accident: Take photos as soon as possible. If a car accident happens at night, go back in the morning and take clearer photos of the site where it happened.
  • Income tax receipts and other financial documents can be used to sort out lost wages
  • Receipts from medic al clinics or prescriptions that were purchased
  • Photos of the injuries
  • A journal or calendar of events will help you remember important details
  • Witness interviews 

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