DUIs in the Summer: Why It’s a Problem

drinksA long and lazy summer afternoon by the pool with drinks and friends can be just what you need to unwind and recharge. A pool day turns into a barbeque with beers and laughs all around. You begin to feel a bit tired and decide it’s time to head home after dinner. When you get pulled over and hit with a DUI charge, you are officially part of the largest group of DUI’s during the year.

With the number of events, parties, and opportunities to consume alcohol, the summer months are the most popular time for DUIs and other impaired driving incidents. A 2012 report shows the number of DUI’s during the summer were higher on average than the rest of the year. Some of the reasons the number spikes during the summer are because of the following:

  • Teenagers are out of school– With the bountiful free time teenagers have during the summer, there are opportunities for them to consume alcohol and subsequently drive, resulting in underage DUIs.
  • More summer parties– Summer is a great time to get together with friends for dinner parties and social events. With the number of get-togethers being higher over the summer, the number of opportunities for drunk driving is also increased.
  • Longer days– The longest day of the year falls during the summer and the days surrounding it stay light into the late hours, therefore parties and gatherings can go much later than they would during the rest of the year.

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Image courtesy of alpha du centaure/Flickr