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Drivers Should Be Extra Cautious on the Road during Harvest

Harvest time can be a very busy and stressful time for many farmers while also a very dangerous time for those on the roads. It’s important to watch for farm machinery, trucks and semis and make safety a top priority during harvest time. tractor

Farmers Fatigued

High operating costs, equipment breakdowns and timely schedules make harvest time the busiest time of the year for farmers. This often means farmers are getting very little sleep for days on end. Farmer fatigue combined with long and stressful days increase the probability of severe accidents on and off the road.

To avoid making dangerous decisions, farmers are recommended to take frequent breaks and never cut corners on safety procedures, especially when operating a vehicle on public roads.

Tractors on Road

During harvest time, expect to see tractors and other heavy farm machinery on the roads until mid-end of November when harvest season is over. According to the Farm Injury Resource Center, tractor and motor vehicle collisions cause about 50 deaths every year in the United States. Farm equipment is not made for safety and drivers of farm machinery are twice more likely to be killed in a collision than drivers of a motor vehicle.

Avoid Road Rage

Accidents between heavy machinery and motor vehicles often involve slow moving tractors with trailing equipment and higher speed motor vehicles. Such driving conditions can cause “road rage” in some drivers, but it is important to remember that your safety comes first. Tractors often have big blind spots so make sure to pay attention and be in a tractor driver’s full visibility before passing on the road.

Precautions on the road should be taken for both motorists and farmers during this busy time of the season. Be sure to slow down when approaching slow-moving farm machinery and give them enough space.

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