Delivery Truck Crashes in Your Neighborhood

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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting much of the United States – and most of the world – many people are trying to stay home as much as possible and only go out for the essentials. With the run on items like cleaning supplies and  toilet paper, as well as the increase in online shopping, the pressure for commercial drivers and trucking companies to make deliveries to our neighborhoods has increased. Unfortunately, this also has increased the risk of delivery truck crashes. 

Large Trucks in Residential Areas 

When you think of a truck collision, you might think of semi-trucks and chain-reaction crashes on major interstate highways. After all, this is where we might notice large trucks the most. However, it is often necessary for delivery trucks of all types and sizes to make deliveries to our local stores and right to our doorsteps.

Whether a driver is operating a large tractor-trailer to restock grocery shelves or a box truck to deliver a package you ordered online, it can be a challenge to maneuver these vehicles along residential streets. Drivers will need to make more turns, be prepared to stop at multiple intersections, and stay alert for pedestrians and cyclists that they normally would not see on the major highways. And the same applies to smaller delivery vehicles which are busier than ever. 

Causes of Delivery Truck Crashes 

Delivery truck crashes happen in many ways and can affect many parties. Truck drivers might collide with other drivers, parked vehicles, people on bikes, people on foot, and more. In many situations, these crashes happen because a truck driver made a mistake. Many drivers are currently overworked and under a lot of pressure, which can bring on fatigue and cause them to lose focus behind the wheel. Some examples of driver errors that might lead to a delivery truck crash include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield
  • Making unlawful turns
  • Ignoring red lights or stop signs

If you or your child sustained injuries or your property was damaged due to a delivery truck crash, it is important to consult with an attorney who can identify liable parties and seek compensation for your losses. 

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