Attorneys for Probate of Mineral Rights in North Dakota  

Mineral Probate

Since the discovery of the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota, land and mineral rights owners across the state and country have been receiving significant income through oil production and leasing their rights to gas and oil companies.

With the abundance of natural resources in the state and the push for drilling, mineral rights owners in Western North Dakota are often confronted with the need to probate and transfer mineral rights in North Dakota.

To ensure your ownership and wishes are handled in your best interest, it is important to work with an attorney who has a depth of experience and knowledge in:

  • Land ownership
  • Probate

What does it mean to have mineral rights?

A mineral rights owner owns the minerals and oil that sit beneath a specified surface of land. These rights are separate from land ownership. A mineral rights owner does not necessarily have to own the land property itself but must have a legal agreement with the property owner.

In North Dakota, mineral rights can be transferred in three ways: deed, probate or court action.

Experienced Probate Attorneys for Mineral Rights Owners in North Dakota

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