Avoiding Fire and Burn Injuries from North Dakota Car Crashes

It is not uncommon for car crashes to result in one or more of the cars erupting in flames. This is especially likely to occur when the crash is of such force as to rupture the fuel tanks of the vehicles or where one vehicle was transporting a hazardous chemical. If those involved in such a crash do not remove themselves quickly from the area, serious bodily harm and even death can result.

Avoiding the Risk of Fire and Burn Injuries in North Dakota Car Crashes

There is no surefire way to eliminate the risk of a fire in every North Dakota car crash, but you can reduce the chances of your vehicle being the cause of such fire by not carrying flammable car-872265_1920materials in your car (containers of gasoline or oil, for example) when they are not needed. After a crash has occurred, you can further reduce your risk of burn injuries by:

  • Being aware of the smell of gasoline and smoke. If you smell gasoline, there may be a leak that could ignite. Smoke or a burning smell indicates (obviously) that a fire has already started. Remove yourself from the area of the crash immediately and get to a safe distance. Do not attempt to move your car.
  • Being aware of chemicals that may have soaked onto your clothes. If your clothing becomes soaked with chemicals during the crash, consider removing these articles of clothing quickly once you arrive in a safe location. Some chemicals may be caustic and may cause burn injuries even if no flame is present.
  • Purchasing and using an emergency escape tool. These tools contain a sharp blade to help cut seat belts that are jammed and cannot be unfastened as well as a pointed end useful for smashing windows to escape.

If you or a loved one suffer burns that are more serious than simple first-degree burns (which cause red, painful skin), seek immediate medical attention. Extensive second-degree burns as well as third- and fourth-degree burns can be fatal if not promptly treated.

Should I Seek Compensation for My Burn Injuries?

Burns will often result in some scarring or disfigurement, meaning that burns resulting from a car crash can give the burn injury victim the ability to pursue a claim for damages against the driver responsible for causing the crash. The road to recovery following serious burn injuries is long and painful (as well as expensive), so it may be wise to enlist a North Dakota auto accident attorney to assist you in seeking compensation for your expenses and losses while you heal from your injuries.

Tim O’Keeffe and Tatum O’Brien are part of the experienced and skilled North Dakota auto accident recovery team at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys. If you or a loved one suffered burn injuries in a North Dakota car crash, they may be able to assist you in obtaining the monetary damages you need to move forward with your life. Contact the firm online to discuss your case and injuries, or call 701-235-8000 or 877-235-8002.

Image courtesy of WikimediaImages/Pixabay