Bad Weather Doesn’t Excuse Poor Driving

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When we take to the road in our vehicles, we shoulder the immense responsibility of driving safely – in relation to whatever variables are affecting the road at that time, including bad weather. It isn’t enough to simply follow the rules of the road to the letter. The fact is that bad weather makes driving that much more dangerous and requires that motorists proceed with that much more caution. If you’re injured in a car crash caused by a motorist’s failure to drive safely in relation to the negative effects of bad weather, don’t delay consulting with an experienced Fargo personal injury attorney. 

The Effects of Inclement Weather

No one has to tell you that North Dakota and Minnesota see more than their fair share of bad weather, and with winter on the way, it’s a good time to recap the dangers of driving in wintry conditions. All of the following warnings apply:

  • Blowing ice and/or snow (or even rain) can severely reduce visibility, which means drivers must seriously reduce their speed in order to proceed as safely as possible.
  • When there is ice and/or a buildup of snow on the road, it makes it far more difficult to travel on them safely, and motorists who don’t decrease their speed dramatically can cause deadly crashes.
  • High winds can severely buffet vehicles on the road and make crashes more likely. Vehicles with high centers of gravity – like semis – are especially vulnerable to dangerous rollovers in high winds. 

Bad Weather Doesn’t Cause Poor Driving

Bad weather itself does not cause poor driving. Motorists are responsible for driving safely, and if they can’t safely handle the weather’s effects, they should exit the roadway. If a negligent motorist leaves you injured in a car collision during bad weather, the fact of the bad weather does not negate the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and should not be accepted as a viable excuse. 

 Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Fargo Personal Injury Attorney 

Bad weather makes our roadways more dangerous, but safe drivers take the effects of bad weather into careful consideration and proceed with utmost caution. If a motorist’s negligence in relation to the weather leaves you injured, the formidable personal injury attorneys at O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Attorneys in Fargo are committed to aggressively advocating in support of your claim’s most favorable resolution. Your case is important, so please email one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys – Tatum O’Brien, Tim O’Keeffe, or Sara Monson – or give us a call at 701-235-8000 or 877-235-8002 (toll-free) for more information today.