Auto Insurance Tactics that Can Hurt the Outcome of Your Case

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If you’ve recently been involved in an auto crash, here’s something you should know; most car crash cases are resolved through a settlement arrangement between the victim and the at-fault party’s insurance company. Even though the overwhelming majority never see the inside of a courtroom, it’s still important for victims to protect their legal rights by retaining an experienced attorney, as insurance companies regularly use tactics designed to get victims to settle for less than they should. Read on to learn more.

Making Lowball Offers Before You Have Had a Chance to Talk to a Lawyer

It can be extremely difficult for car crash victims to know the real value of their claim, and insurance companies use this to their advantage by reaching out them as soon as they can following a crash. Their hope is that they can get victims to accept an unreasonably low settlement offer before they have had a chance to talk to an attorney and find out what their case is actually worth. It’s critical to never accept a settlement offer before you talk to a lawyer because once you settle your case, it’s extremely difficult to reopen your case and obtain additional compensation.

Pressuring You to Provide a Recorded Statement

In some cases, insurance adjusters may try to pressure you into providing them with a recorded statement about your version about your wreck, claiming that it will help them “process” your claim and get you your settlement as soon as possible. In reality, their hope is that you will say something that they can use to justify reducing your settlement offer or denying your claim entirely.  If an insurance adjuster asks you to provide a recorded statement, tell them that you need to speak to an attorney first. In the event that you are interviewed by an insurance company representative, you certainly want to have a lawyer with you when it occurs.

Making Overbroad Authorization Requests to Dig into Your Medical Records

Another tactic employed by auto insurers to limit their liability is to request overbroad medical authorizations so that they can dig through your medical records in order to find anything that can be used to claim your crash-related injuries were preexisting. While it is certainly true that you need to provide medical records regarding your current injuries in order to settle your claim, there is no legitimate reason for the insurance company to have access to all of your records.

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