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It’s not every day you need the services of a law firm. But when that time comes you need a team who is ready for the challenge. In the Fargo, North Dakota–Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area  – we are the lawyers ready for the challenge.

At O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, our law firm is focused on one thing: success for you. With the depth of experience you need, coupled with the energy and enthusiasm you want, our team is ready to work hard for you.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury is an umbrella term that essentially describes a scenario in which a person has endured injury, hardship and harm as a result of the careless and negligent actions of another.

Business Law

Statutes, codes, regulations, and rules put into place to govern commercial relations make up business law. Business law gives businesses a legal framework of which to operate in.

Family Law

At the law offices of O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide a wide range of family law services.

Criminal Law

If you are facing charges for a crime, there is a lot to lose. If you are convicted, you will face time in jail or prison, sizeable fines, and a criminal record that can negatively impact on future.